Teacher: Mrs Lucy Willson

Support Teacher: Ms Narelle Capewell

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:30am – 10:30am

Welcome to our KindiLink Class – where everyone in the community is welcome to play and learn together.

Located in the grounds of Beachlands Primary School, KindiLink occupies the classroom on the far east of the school’s early learning area. Our roles as the teacher and AIEO are to promote both parent and child learning in the Pre-Kindy years.

KindiLink recognises parents as the first educators and empowers parents to establish educational relationships with their child/ren and educators. We encourage enriched caregiving, side by side learning, conversational reading and oral language.

Our mornings consist of age-appropriate oral language, games, creative arts and social skills. KindiLink is an opportunity for fun and active learning for both children and parent/s in a school setting.

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