Positive Behaviour Support

Our Purpose

‘The Beachlands Primary School Positive Behaviour Support team is committed to fostering a calm, safe and positive school community. We will work together to inspire students, their families and our staff to implement a consistent and culturally appropriate whole school approach to positive behaviour and academic success.’

The purpose of PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) is to establish a school climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm for all students. It provides school communities with an effective evidence-based approach to creating positive and engaging school environments.

The staff at Beachlands Primary School take a proactive approach to behaviour management through an embedded practice of promoting four clear behaviour expectations: Be Caring, Be respectful and Be Your Beachlands Best. A matrix has been developed that breaks down each expectation into key skills that students are taught explicitly. The positive language used in the matrix is embedded into our school culture through teaching and learning programs, morning messages, assemblies and visuals displayed throughout the school. Beachlands Primary School staff acknowledge positive student behaviour in the classroom and playground by awarding Beachlands Bundara (Star) tokens that are collected and tallied weekly. A draw is conducted at a whole-school PBS assembly and students are acknowledged for their positive behaviour in front of the entire school.

How we promote positive behaviour in a PBS school:

  • We can create environments that increase the likelihood that students will learn and behave.
  • Environments that increase this likelihood are guided by a core curriculum which is implemented with consistency and fidelity, giving consideration to:
    • Design and layout of the physical environment
    • Explicit teaching of appropriate behaviours
    • Opportunity to regularly practise behaviour in the natural environment
    • Fostering positive relationships with students
    • Data driven classroom management practices
    • Modelling appropriate behaviour towards students and staff
    • Frequent, specific and skill focused positive reinforcement

Good Standing

It is every student’s responsibility to maintain their good standing in our school by following school routines and adhering to our high behavioural and attendance expectations. Serious or repeated breaches of these expectations may result in a student losing their good standing. Students who lose their good standing are not eligible for the bi-termly good standing rewards days and may risk exclusion from excursions, incursions or other extra curricular activities.

Good standing periods are 5 weeks in length. Students who lose their good standing will regain this status at the conclusion of the 5 week period. Our school goal is for 75% of our students the following to achieve their good standing goals over the five week block.