DANCE & DRAMA – Teacher: Mrs Robin Keys


Welcome to the Dance & Drama page

Our classroom name is Bidi-Bidi which is the Wajarri word for a Butterfly.

Dance and Drama education provides an environment for all students, regardless of academic, language, body type or intellect. Everyone can participate and gain positive benefits.


• From an early age, children need to learn good body awareness, both in personal and general space.
• Body awareness and learning to move are the building blocks for skills used in future sporting activities.
• Children who are physically active from an early age, are more likely to receive positive, enjoyable and successful movement experiences that will continue with them.
• Positive movement experiences, improve balance, coordination and general well-being.


• Drama activities help the growth of sensitivity and consideration towards others.
• Drama and role plays improve student emotional understanding of others.
• Students learn to think quick and how to be resourceful.
• Drama supports the use of language.