Year 1 – Jindi-Jindi

Teacher: Miss Tara Dowsett

Support Teacher: Mrs Vicki Stone

Welcome to our Year 1 class.

Our classroom name is Jindi-Jindi which is the Wajarri word for Willy Wagtail Bird.

We believe in high expectations with learning and behaviour, developing independence through daily routines and building positive relationships with students and families. These areas have a huge impact on student achievement and engagement.

In Term 3, we have been learning many new things. Some areas we have been looking at include:

• Reading time – o’clock and half past
• Fractions – halves of objects and collections
• Addition and subtraction
• Identifying Australian coins and ordering them by value

• Writing information reports
• Spelling rules such as doubling the consonant when adding -ed
• Publishing work on the iPad
• Learning new tricky words

Homework for Year 1 is daily home reading and tricky word practice. This is not compulsory; however, highly recommended.

I enjoy parents and carers coming to the classroom, and I am always open to having chats about your child’s progress and learning. I encourage families to come to see me before or after school if they have any questions.