Year 2 – Wadbi

Teacher: Miss Katelyn Condon

Support Teachers: Ms Nicole Cragan, Mrs Carla Thomas & Mrs Bree Brew

Welcome to our Year 2 class.

Our classroom name is Wadbi which is the Wajarri word for fish.

We believe in high expectations with learning and behaviour, daily routines and building positive relationships with students and families. These areas have a huge impact on student learning and engagement. Staff and students in Wadbi are encouraged to use Wajarri words throughout our daily interactions and lessons as it is the local Aboriginal language that is taught at our school.

Throughout Term 3, we have been hard at work learning many new things. Some areas we have been looking at in Mathematics and English are:

• Reading time – o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past
• Fractions – halves, quarters and eighths
• Division through sharing
• Counting collections of Australian money and ordering them by value
• Seasons – Summer, Autumn, Winter Spring and the Yamatji seasons of Ngarlbugala (in the hot time) and Jandangga (in the cold time)

• Writing information reports
• Spelling rules such as doubling the consonant when adding -ing
• Publishing work on the iPad and recording ourselves reading aloud

Homework is sent out each term for Wadbi students to complete. This is not compulsory; however, students that complete a week of homework are given an iPad reward for 20 minutes on Fridays.

I enjoy parents and carers coming to the classroom, and I am always open to having chats about your child/s progress and learning. I encourage families to come to see me before or after school if they have any questions.