Year 3/4 – Marlu

Teacher: Miss Naomi Davenport

Support Teacher: Miss Shannon Kingdon

Welcome to our Year 3/4 class.
Our classroom name is Marlu which is the Wajarri word for a Red Kangaroo

In Marlu, we have a welcoming environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. We are enthusiastic about learning and are working hard to demonstrate respect, care and responsibility so we can be our Beachlands Best. In Term 3, we have covered a variety of topics including:

• Features of 3D shapes
• Fractions – halves, quarters, thirds, fifths and their multiples
• Showing money values in many ways and counting change

• Information reports on mythical creatures and Australian animals
• Using Book Creator to publish our work
• Finding the main ideas in texts

In Term 4, we will be looking at measuring angles, heat energy in Science, and furthering our skills in narrative writing. I am looking forward to the remainder of the year and what the students in Marlu will accomplish.

If you wish to see me about anything, feel free to pop in before or after school or arrange a time to have a chat. I would be more than happy to keep you informed about how your child is progressing in class. Please make sure you keep checking in on our Seesaw app for all the fantastic work that your child is participating in.