Year 4/5 – Warida

Teacher: Mr Julian Okamoto

Support Teachers: Mr Cobber Headland

Welcome to our Year 4/5 class.

Our classroom name is Warida which is the Wajarri word for a Wedge-Tailed Eagle

As a class, we strive to respect each other, care about each other, and focus on the positives. Our learning involves a lot of visual, hands-on, and play-based experiences to engage everyone. Fitness, music, and laughter are key features of our classroom.

In Term 3 we designed our own flying machines and wrote incredible and inventive explanations for how they work. We practised hard at factoring and multiplying numbers and then used these skills to solve real-world problems. We created surveys and made graphs with and without technologies and used the data for class decision making. We created ladybug habitats and caught, cared for, and learned about the ladybug lifecycle.

In Term 4, I hope to bring more mindfulness into the classroom to help us understand and regulate our emotions and behaviours better, so we grow in kindness, strength, and resilience. I also plan to deliver a writing unit to create a classroom song that reflects our 4/5 Warida strengths and values.

As the teacher of Warida, I enjoy being part of this classroom. Each student is a unique spark that brings light and joy into our shared space. If you have any questions regarding your child or would like to discuss how we could work together to help them grow even more, I invite you to meet me before or after school. Thank you for reading and being part of our school community.