Year 5/6 – Gunduwa

Teachers: Mrs Michelle Morley & Mrs Carolyn Jaeger

Support Teachers: Mrs Carol Fleay, Ms Rhaylene Birch & Miss Shanae McGuire

Welcome to our Year 5/6 class.

Our classroom name is Gunduwa which is the Wajarri word for an Echidna

In Gunduwa we believe in high expectations for learning and behaviour, daily routines and building positive relationships with students and their families. These areas have a huge impact on student learning and engagement. Staff and students in Gunduwa are encouraged to use Wajarri words in our daily interactions, especially during our morning Community Circle, as it is the local Aboriginal Language that is taught here at Beachlands Primary School. We also encourage our students to develop skills for the future in our daily routines.

In Term 3, we have been learning many new things. Some areas we have been looking at in Mathematics and English Include:

• Identify and describe multiples of whole numbers to solve problems
• A number of effective mental and written strategies to solve problems
• Compare and order fractions and locate them on a number line
• Compare and order decimals
• Telling time – Comparing 12 and 24 hour time systems
• Estimate, measure and compare angles using degrees.

• In Talk 4 Writing we have been learning to write information reports on Australian animals.
• Spelling – Morphology, we have been analysing the structure of words and parts of words such as stem, root words, prefixes and suffixes.
• Reading – We have been revising our reading comprehension strategies and applying this knowledge to different text types.

We greatly enjoy families coming to the classroom, and we are always willing to have quick chats or pre-arranged meetings about your child’s progress and learning. We encourage families to pop in to see either of us if you have any questions.
Mrs Jaeger – Monday & Tuesday
Mrs Morley – Wednesday, Thursday & Friday