Cultural Reference Group

At Beachlands Primary School, we recognise and appreciate the knowledge and positive impact our local community can bring to our students’ education. Our Cultural Reference Group (CRG) is made up of key stakeholders, such as the Beachlands leadership team, Aboriginal staff, parents and members of Aboriginal groups (NACC, Bundiyarra and Clontarf). The CRG meet once per term and is guided by the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework and the School Business Plan. The group has had the responsibility of ensuring the school fosters positive participation, communication and interaction between staff, Aboriginal students, their parents and families, and the local Aboriginal community.

The school has worked hard to build a learning environment that is welcoming for Aboriginal students and reflects community aspirations for their children. The school buildings represent the Wajarri names of local animals, and the school’s external walls are beautifully presented with cultural murals by local Aboriginal artists or parents. The promotion of whole school events during NAIDOC Week and Reconciliation Week promotes a positive reputation for the school and highlights the successes of the culturally responsive practices in place.

The teaching staff at Beachlands Primary School have high expectations for Aboriginal students and through continuous professional learning and reflection, we teach in ways that enable students to better reach their full potential. Through this approach the Cultural Reference group have been instrumental in building the capacity of Aboriginal staff and generating understanding of local knowledge for non-Aboriginal staff.